About Us

www.prearrivalregistration.com is part of A.G. Solutions which is a professional immigration consultancy firm based in Hong Kong assisting our clients on all categories of Hong Kong visas for the past 15 years for them to visit/migrate to Hong Kong. Our in-house immigration experts have a collective experience of 23+ years in handling immigration matters with the Hong Kong Government.

For PAR applications made through our website, our services in the PAR application process include (but not limited to) assisting in filling out the application forms and checking all of the information, reviewing it for accuracy, any missing information, any spelling and/or grammatical mistakes. During the course of each application, it is possible that we may contact our clients via email or phone to ask for any additional information in order to process the application for a successful PAR.

After you have filled out the required information, your application is only further processed after any one of our in-house immigration experts has revised it thoroughly in the way it should be presented to the Government of Hong Kong rather than otherwise. The applications are always subject to scrutiny and approval by the Hong Kong Immigration authorities; however, our in-depth knowledge, expertise and experience ensures an error free application. Then, your approved PAR is sent to you via your provided email address. You will also receive essential information on how to use your approved PAR to enter Hong Kong.


We are a private consultancy firm and are not affiliated with the Government of Hong Kong. www.prearrivalregistration.com ensures the PAR process is smooth, quick and efficient with our guidance and assistance therefore our services have a fee of US$35 (inclusive of all applicable taxes and charges) for the professional assistance to be provided. This fee will be refunded in full should the PAR application is not approved. Applicants may process their application directly through the Authorities of Hong Kong’s website, however in that case you will not receive any of our professional help and assistance.

We are always available to help our clients at anytime and anywhere across the world thanks to our Customer Service Team. Email - info@prearrivalregistration.com. Phone 0085296736484

Our firm offers the following: 

Services Hong Kong Government www.prearrivalregistration.com
100% money back guarantee if PAR is not approved.
24/7/365 online application.
Fast and simplified application process.
Validation of your Travel Document before submission.
Protection of your personal information during the whole application process.
Missing or inaccurate information’s correction.
In-house Expert review prior to presentation of the application to the Hong Kong Government.
24/7 email assistance and/or support.
Approved PAR notification via email.
Recovery of PAR via email in case of loss of your PAR.
Apply Online

The online application process for the PAR

We feel proud to have created a useful method that allows applicants to quickly and accurately complete their online PAR application for Hong Kong in a simplified way.

By making your PAR application through our website, your application passes through our experience and professional help before being submitted to Hong Kong Government which helps to prevent refusals and rejections which are caused by various mistakes in almost 37% of cases. Applicants making the PAR application through our website will normally be informed within 24 hours if their application has been successful.

Customer Care

We have a professional Customer Service Team which is always available to answer any queries related to your PAR applications made through our website.