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Pre-Arrival Registration for Indian Nationals

Starting from 23 January 2017, Indian nationals can no longer obtain a visa-on-arrival for Hong Kong, and must obtain online visa of Hong Kong, or a PAR, by completing an online application. Upon arrival, Indian nationals must have a valid PAR in order to enter Hong Kong.

Eligible candidates for PAR

(Pre-Arrival Registration)

To be eligible for making an application for PAR, an applicant must be an Indian National and hold a valid Indian Passport.

More about the PAR for Hong Kong

No matter which transportation means you are travelling on to Hong Kong, the transport operators are required to check whether you have all the valid travel documentation or not before you are allowed to board the transportation bound to Hong Kong.


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Quick and simple application process.
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Correction of missing or inaccurate information.
Personal information is encrypted, secured and submitted directly to the Hong Kong authorities.
24/7 email support and assistance.
Approved PAR notification via email.
In case of loss, recovery of PAR via email.