As mentioned in our T&C, following is our policy on issuing refunds:

If you have made your PAR application through our website and it is denied by the Hong Kong Government for any reason, a full refund of the amount charged from you shall be automatically issued to you.

Once an application has been submitted to our website, it is deemed to be agreed that we will start your application submission process in time as described during your application. However, should the applicant decide to request a refund after the application has been submitted, the applicant may make a request in writing for consideration by the management indicating the reason for request, the full name of applicant, your transaction code along with the email used during the application on our website.

If you want to request a refund, please email us at indicating the following:

  • Your reason for the request.
  • Your unique transaction code.
  • Your full name (as appears in your Indian passport).
  • The email which you used to make the application on our website.

In case there are more than one requests, please mention clearly each of the transaction code.

All sort of refund requests shall be considered within 72 hours of time period.


Once your PAR application has been processed by us and it has been approved by Hong Kong Government, any following refund request shall not be entertained.

Our management reserves the rights to make a final decision on any request of refund in case of any disputed payment.