Frequently asked questions

Who can apply for Pre-arrival Registration (PAR) for Indian Nationals?

All Indian Passport holders or Citizens of India travelling to Hong Kong SAR.

What is PAR (Pre-arrival Registration) for Indian Nationals?

PAR stands for Pre-Arrival Registration. PAR requirements for Indians came into force as Hong Kong government tightened its immigration policies for Indians travelling to Hong Kong in January 2017.

Starting from 23 January 2017, Indian nationals can no longer obtain a visa-on-arrival for Hong Kong, and must obtain online visa of Hong Kong, or a PAR, by completing an online application. Upon arrival, Indian nationals must have a valid PAR in order to enter Hong Kong.

No matter which country you are living in at the moment, if you are an Indian passport holder and need to travel to Hong Kong, you must obtain a PAR approved by the Hong Kong Government before you can enter Hong Kong.

Do I need to apply for PAR if I am transiting the HKSAR?

You do not need to apply for PAR if you are in direct transit by air and will not leave the airport transit area. However, if you are seeking to enter the HKSAR during transit, you need to apply for PAR.

Does PAR have any restriction on age?

No. There is no restriction on age in applying for PAR. All Indian nationals who want to visit the HKSAR, regardless of age, are required to apply for PAR, unless they belong to one of the exempted categories.

I want to apply PAR online, what do I need?

To apply a PAR online, the applicant needs the following:

  • A valid Indian Passport
  • A valid email address.
  • A valid Credit Card.

PAR Application

How long does it take to process the online PAR application?

Upon successful completion of your application online, your PAR application is processed within 1 working day.

How many entries to Hong Kong the PAR is valid for?

Multiple entries with maximum stay of 14 days per visit.

The validity of my Indian passport is about to expire, can I still apply for PAR online?

To successfully apply for PAR online, your passport must be valid for at least six months.

After I have made my PAR application online, how can I check the status of my application?

After completion of your application, the normal processing time for PAR application is 1 working day. After this time has been lapsed, you can use our contact us for to check the status of your PAR application.

How should I make payment for the PAR application?

To make payment for your PAR application on our website, you can use your valid credit card during the process of application. We have a sophisticated, secured online payment system operational on our website. No information of your card will be stored ensuring data security.

What is the CVV/CVC/CVC2 number?

The CVV/CVC/CVC2 number is the three or four-digit number printed on the back of your credit card, to the right of the card account number. On American Express credit cards, the four-digit CVV number is printed above the account number, on the front of the card.

If you face any problems regarding payments, please contact our Customer Service Team at

I have noticed that some of the information on my PAR turned out to be incorrect, what can I do now?

We highly recommend that all applicants double check their information while submission to avoid errors and PAR refusals. In case, you have found the information in your submitted application is incorrect, please contact us for follow up action immediately at

I have successfully submitted a PAR application but I have not yet received confirmation email, what can I do now?

Once you have successfully submitted a PAR application on our website, you will receive confirmation email within 1 working day. It may also be the case that the confirmation email has been automatically moved to your Junk/Spam folders by your email provider. We recommend the applicants to carefully check their Junk/Spam folders before contacting us.

Do I need to have a sponsor in applying for PAR?

No. However, if you have a local connection in the HKSAR, you should provide the relevant information during your application process.